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A New Generation of Filming

Magic Sky Films is a new company that focuses on producing and distributing no money or low budget films, documentaries, web series, and instructional videos for independent entrepreneurs.

Magic Sky Films works with etiquette and integrity and is ready to collaborate with entrepreneurs that share the same love of filmmaking.

Magic Sky Films works on all kinds of projects such as Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Thriller, Romance, Martial Arts, Short Films and more.

Magic Sky Films also works on promoting martial arts through films, instructional videos, or any kind of media that is to our disposition. It is not surprising since founder/president Michael Laurin is a six-time former karate world champion and president/founder of the International Shorinjiryu Shindo Organization. 


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Aswang                            Theatrical Trailer

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Winner  of Best Horror Film at the Out of the Can Film Festival.
The Philippines has several legends, this one  is the scariest.